Pre-hypertension (higher than ideal blood pressure) is a common predictor for many ailments, as cardiovascular health is crucial to our holistic wellness. This study compares the blood pressures of 50 women given short Swedish Massage treatments to the upper body, or told to simply relax and breathe deeply for the same amount of time.

The author found that even 10-15 minutes of massage over the course of a 10-session treatment resulted in statistically significantly lower blood pressure. Even 72 hours later!

the numbers

The blood pressures (mmHg) started at 128 / 82 in the massage group and 129 / 82 in the relaxation group.

3.5 weeks later, the women that got massage had an average blood pressure of 116 / 76. Those who had simply laid on the table and relaxed were still high, at 130 / 81.

After 3 days (72 hours), blood pressure was measured again – 118 / 76 and 129 / 81 : after only 2-2.5 hours of massage total and after no massage.

The statistics found the difference in group scores after treatment was significant (p<0.001). This difference was still significant at the repeated measurement, 72 hours after the last massage ended (p<0.001).

key points

There are any number of stresses in life that can affect blood pressure. Massage can help assist regenerative healing by creating holistic change as well as direct physical releases. Even a short time on the table is enough to let a considerable amount of stress and mental chatter simply dissipate, and this study shows how beneficial caring touch is to our daily lives.

There are many ways to deal with blood pressure. Massage therapy is an excellent – and pleasant – addition to an often impersonal healthcare regimen.


Durability of Effect of Massage on Blood Pressure

by Mahshid Givi

. 2013 May; 4(5): 511–516.

Full text here.