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Base Camp Bodywork

Imagine coming off the mountain: muscles spent and limbs heavy. The sky is crystal clear, and the trees sway as you pass, in a ‘see you next time’ way. A cold drink and some relief for your feet sounds real nice right now.

In the shade down below you see a few friends hanging out in lawn chairs, taking a few minutes before the drive back to listen to the wind. There’s a hydration station next to them, and someone getting a massage – wait, what?

Summit Bodywork is excited to launch the Base Camp Bodywork program! It’s a massage pop-up uniquely suited for nature lovers and thrill seekers, so you might find Aubrey at your favorite crag or that awesome hike. By offering bodywork then and there, we can promote faster recovery – or improve your athletic performance. We’ll post where we’re going on Instagram @summitbodywork. See you out there!

Join in with the hashtag #BCBodywork and follow us to get updates.

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