About // Summit Bodywork


Summit Bodywork was founded out of a dream to open access to practical healing for all people. It’s about effective, direct relief from pain and giving freedom in movement. When we go about our lives in health and wellness, the ripples we start in the world grow to great waves.


Our studio in Portland is open Tuesday and Wednesday. The rest of the week you can bring Summit to you – book online or by email.


Got an event? We’d love to come to your festival, gathering, cultural event, or retreat! Tell us some details in an e-mail, and we’ll be in touch right away!




About // Outreach Initiatives



We believe health and wellness should be accessible to all people, but the reality is not everyone today has the same buying power. We offer a sliding scale price available on request for low-income clients.


If you are organizing an event for your community, we’d love to hear from you! Summit Bodywork is highly mobile and we’d love to help your guests feel great at your gathering. 15 minute chair massage and 20 minute table bodywork sessions are affordable, quick, and provide an immediate entertainment everyone will love to visit.



About // Aubrey

There’s a timeless nostalgia in walking to the horizon, before and beyond our modern understanding of the human condition. Drawn to nature in pursuit of Zen, I realized a profound connection between physical wellness and a clear state of mind while hiking the Pacific Crest Trail.


And how important the best care is, to achieving goals requiring patience and endurance.


Later, back the city, I trained in massage and bodywork at East West College, among the health conscious community of Portland, Oregon. I’m here to support your journey in wellness.


Aubrey Leung, OR LMT # 24026


About // Where to get Bodywork

Portland studio

516 SE Morrison St. #217

Portland, OR 97214


Out-Call Service Area

Portland metro region – Oregon only


About // Gratitude

I am deeply grateful to everyone whose path ever crossed mine for the lessons they’ve shown me. And I’d like to give special shout-outs to these people, whose ripples in the world make Summit Bodywork possible.

Rosie Leung  //  Rich Clayton  //  Noah Thomas  //  Michael Erickson


trail angels and kind souls