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Clinical-quality massage that comes to you

Bodywork is the art of restoring the mobility and motility of the human body. I want you to feel better – and do more.

Hands-on massage therapy offers gentle, effective tools to provide relief to sore muscles. You can read more in detail about it here, or scroll down for a quick intro.

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Summit Bodywork is the solo project of Aubrey Leung, massage therapist. For more information, please see the FAQ.

“Best massage I ever had. It not only was more relaxing than other massages I’ve had in the past, it felt more effective in getting into the right spaces as well.”


“Slow, gentle but deep massage, very effective at relieving my tight muscles.”

Life is a great adventure.

If your muscles tighten and stiffen on you, though, movement can be slower and painful.

You don’t have to wait – or bear – it out. Painkillers cover the symptom but they don’t treat the cause.

Bodywork (and its broader category, massage therapy) offers a solution. We’ll identify which muscles are inhibited, find the source of pain-causing tension, and work to give you your body back.

This is about going beyond simply finding where it hurts. We’ll look at everything that connects to the problem spot, and work to solve underlying tension.

Massage therapy is a relaxing treatment that lets you calm your mind even while easing pain and promoting flexibility.

This treatment may be covered by your health insurance plan.

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“[…] well versed in nerve & referral areas. Great strength and angles. Felt lots better & opened up with more range of motion.”


“Aubrey is great and relaxing. He was able to find the difficult tense spots quickly and help remedy them. I will be going back.”