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Your passion for life demands a lot of your body. Summit Bodywork’s massage therapy soothes aches and removes barriers to your movement caused by tension in the body – helping you roam further and climb higher.

Gentle touch and firm pressure help the body achieve full relaxation, from calming the nervous system to releasing muscles. We free joint movement and stretch connective tissue, all to give you greater comfort in your movement.

The precision and practicality of Chinese acupressure merges seamlessly with modern bodywork techniques, firmly grounded in Western scientific rigor, while Thailand’s traditional massage inspires graceful stretches and deep meditation.

Summit Bodywork is focused on bringing bodywork to you, available for out-call appointments to the greater Portland region (sorry, Oregon only). We also have studio hours downtown / inner Eastside; check out the booking page for exact hours and location.

On this website, you can read more about the details of how and the types of techniques used on this site, or check out our photo gallery. And you could go right to make an appointment with our easy, click-through online booking.

functional massage

You’re out doing what you love, when without warning – a sharp pain sears through your body. You’re doing the same thing you do every day, but this time was once too many, and now there’s an ache every time you do it.

You don’t have to wait – or bear – it out. Painkillers cover the symptom but they don’t treat the cause – tension built up in the body and started creating areas where things aren’t smooth. Manual therapy – massage, bodywork, however you choose to call it – offers a solution. By getting directly to the heart of stagnation – sore spots – we can encourage the body to relax and shed the tension.

Functional Massage is about going beyond simply finding where it hurts. Summit Bodywork’s functional massage follows the patterns of tension that allow injury to happen in the first place. We use effective techniques proven to get good, rapid results.

For you to get the best results from treatment, we may suggest simple stretches and exercises you can do at-home, or a sequence of further bodywork. You’ll probably feel amazing when you get off the table, and the benefits of massage can last for several days – and after a course of treatments, the benefits can persist even longer. Functional Massage is an excellent complement to other therapies including acupuncture, chiropracty, physical therapy, or yogic practice.

The journey of a thousand miles can indeed begin with a single step.

Shouldn’t every step feel good?

Summit Bodywork is the solo work of Aubrey Leung, Ore. LMT 24026, based in Portland, Oregon.

When I’m not offering massage therapy in the city, you’ll find me exploring the beautiful landscapes all around us. Happy hiking!