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summer 2018 europe tour

The Summit Bodywork summer tour is a three month journey from Morocco to Hungary, Spain to Germany. Along the way I’ll connect with healers, and offer massage to locals and travelers!

The adventure begins in the hot springs of Iceland and launches into the coast of Morocco. I follow the steps of Europe’s original backpacking trek, the Camino de Santiago. Coming up from the Hungarian plains around Lake Balaton, it’s back into the mountains before following the Rhine into Germany.

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Bodywork and massage can change lives, and by freeing movement and relieving pain we’ll bring us all a little closer.




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The results-based #FunctionalMassage style began in Portland, Oregon and now is reaching new heights with our #BCBodywork program. Base Camp Bodywork is going on tour in nine countries this summer and will return to Portland in September 2018.


In gratitude for the personal growth nature has given me, Summit Bodywork works with community organizations and nonprofits to open access to natural spaces and the art of massage therapy.


Base Camp Bodywork

Imagine coming off the mountain: muscles spent and limbs heavy. The sky is crystal clear, and the trees sway as you pass, in a ‘see you next time’ way. A cold drink and some relief for your feet sounds real nice right now.

In the shade down below you see a few friends hanging out in lawn chairs, taking a few minutes before the drive back to listen to the wind. There’s a hydration station next to them, and someone getting a massage – wait, what?

Summit Bodywork is excited to launch the Base Camp Bodywork program! It’s a massage pop-up uniquely suited for nature lovers and thrill seekers, so you might find Aubrey at your favorite crag or that awesome hike. By offering bodywork then and there, we can promote faster recovery – or improve your athletic performance. We’ll post where we’re going on Instagram @summitbodywork. See you out there Oregon!

functional massage

You’re out doing what you love, when without warning – a sharp pain sears through your body. You’re doing the same thing you do every day, but this time was once too many, and now there’s an ache every time you do it.

You don’t have to wait – or bear – it out. Painkillers cover the symptom but they don’t treat the cause – tension built up in the body and started creating areas where things aren’t smooth. Manual therapy – massage, bodywork, however you choose to call it – offers a solution. By getting directly to the heart of stagnation – sore spots – we can encourage the body to relax and shed the tension.

Functional Massage is about going beyond simply finding where it hurts. Summit Bodywork’s functional massage follows the patterns of tension that allow injury to happen in the first place. We use effective techniques proven to get good, rapid results.

For you to get the best results from treatment, we may suggest simple stretches and exercises you can do at-home, or a sequence of further bodywork. You’ll probably feel amazing when you get off the table, and the benefits of massage can last for several days – and after a course of treatments, the benefits can persist even longer. Functional Massage is an excellent complement to other therapies including acupuncture, chiropracty, physical therapy, or yogic practice.

Summit Bodywork is the solo work of Aubrey Leung, Ore. LMT 24026, based in Portland, Oregon.

When I’m not offering massage therapy in the city, you’ll find me exploring the beautiful landscapes all around us. Happy hiking!